Want reasons to celebrate your dogs all year round? – Lesser-known dog holidays

Many dog owners celebrate their pups a little bit each day–through games of fetch, cuddling, hugs, and treats. Maybe you celebrate your dog’s birthday each year (or adoption day, if you don’t know their precise birth date). Then there are some familiar holidays that focus on dogs, such as:

But alongside these bigger celebrations, there are a number of…well…odd dog-themed holidays that you may not know about.

So you don’t miss out on the fun, here are a few of them:

For a full list of strange dog-oriented holidays, check out this link. Then mark your calendars so you never miss another opportunity to celebrate the special sort of joy dogs bring into our lives!

What doggy days do you and your pups celebrate? Do they have a birthday? Do they get specials treats at Christmas? Let us know!

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