Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show cuts ties with sponsor who was promoting dog adoption awareness

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show recently announced that it had parted ways with its longtime sponsor, Pedigree. The reason?

Pedigree’s dog adoption ads were too sad and didn’t focus enough on purebred dogs.

Known as “America’s Dog Show,” The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is based in NYC, and is currently holdings its 136th annual event, dedicated to the celebration of purebred dogs.

This year, Pedigree developed a series of ads that contrasted the healthy, happy dogs of the show with images of dogs that remained neglected and ignored, trying to raise awareness about homeless animals or those living in abusive situations. The WKC Dog Show wanted to focus more on the beautiful side of dogs, rather than some of the harsher realities they face.

The WKC Dog Show certainly has the right to choose who sponsors the program and their advertising campaign—but is it right to always focus only on the bright side of the doggy life? If people don’t know what some dogs are experiencing, will they be as motivated to adopt and provide loving homes?

What’s your take? Is the WKC Dog Show wrong to disassociate itself with dog adoption efforts? Do adoptions ads focus too much on the negative, or are they at least admitting the painful truth about the ongoing plight of dogs in our country?

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