What a doggone Christmas!

Have we got a treat to share with you this holiday season! Are you looking for a fun, new game to play while traveling to see family for Christmas? Or maybe you’d like a great app to share with the kids, providing entertainment for the whole family?

If so, check out doggie gone!

doggie gone is a super fun, adventure-style game designed specifically for iOS devices, meant to take full advantage of the innovative touch screen and motion control sensors on Apple’s platform. This addictively simple game is about Sid, a dog who sets out on an incredible adventure! Players use the innovative touch screen of the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone5 to make Sid jump over different obstacles, score points, and make it back home.


doggie gone takes place on the Hawaiin Islands, with Sid visiting unique beaches on his journey. He jumps over obstacles while grabbing bones to get back home. The more bones he eats and obstacles he successfully jumps, the higher his score. It’s simple, fun, and easy, but most of all — a wonderful, charmign game for kids from 7 to 70 years old!

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We’ve had the pleasure to play this game, and we can say without reservation that it’s a must-have for dog lovers everywhere! It’ll make a great gift for the holidays, and one that can be enjoyed and explored for the year to come–plus, the company that mdae the game is constantly adding new levels and play modes, making it a fresh experience each time you join Sid on his adventures.

Have you had a chance to play doggie gone? If so, we’d love to hear what you think about it! Share your stories about Sid, and let us know where your adventures took you along the way.

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