When is the last time you walked the dog?

From the moment your family starts thinking about getting a dog, there’s one big question that has to be answered: Who is going to walk the dog? Usually it’s the kids who promise to do so, even if you know they probably won’t keep up their end of the bargain after a month or so. But it remains a critical issue. No matter the breed or age, dogs need regular walks for a variety of health reasons. This ranges from weight control to proper exercise levels to general happiness and mental balance. Yet taking your dog on regular walks can easily start to slip down the list of priorities. To combat this, join us in celebrating National Walk Your Dog Week!

This is where both you and your dog get up and out on at least 2-3 walks a week (at least 30 minutes per walk). This is especially important during the cooler and winter months, when some people stop walking their dogs altogether for months at a time. During this time, it’s easy for both humans and pups to gain a little extra weight because of physical inactivity. Dedicating yourself to consistent walks each week can ward off the weight and keep you both in fitter shape!

Maybe you already walk your dog almost every day. Great! Do all your family and friends join in the fun or take their own dogs on saunters through the nearest park or neighborhood? You can help encourage them in this easily enough. For instance, you could organize a community dog walk, where everyone gets together with their pups and enjoys an afternoon stroll. Both the people and pups will enjoy a chance to socialize while getting healthier together.

If you have friends who can’t take their dogs on regular walks, perhaps due to their own health issues, you could also offer to walk them instead. The dog will be grateful for the chance to be more active and the people will enjoy the benefit of having a happy, healthy dog who can love on them in return for more years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that leash and get outdoors with your dog. Both you and your pup will be happier for it, we guarantee.


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