Where are you going? It’s Dog Travel Safety Day!

When the weather gets chilly and the skies go gray, it’s our natural inclination to want to venture to warmer climes for a time…whether getting a few sunny days on the beach, traveling to a whole other state, or even to a whole other summer home where we’re more comfortable. And when people pack up for a vacation, it’s not uncommon that they take their pets with them to enjoy the experience. Having a dog or cat along for a trip can be a fun time, but it pays to be prepared for some of the logistical issues or problems you might encounter before you finally make it back home. Fortunately, with National Pet Travel Safety Day, we can highlight exactly that issue! The following pointers apply whether you’re going on a camping trip, an extended holiday stay, or just driving your dog or cat across town to the vet.

Keep them secured. When in a car, employ a harness or other mobility-restricting device so your dog or cat isn’t accidentally flung around on turns or if (hopefully not!) you get in an accident. If on a flight, make sure the kennel they’re traveling in is appropriate for their size, providing proper ventilation while also keeping them warm enough.

  1. Pack to be prepared. What items do your pets go to for fun? What’s their favorite treat or toy? It can help a nervous pet calm down if they have a familiar object or two along for the ride. Bring along their pet bed, a squeaky toy, or a bag of treats to reward them for good behavior as you head for your destination.
  2. Know the guidelines. Some cities or countries have very specific regulations as far as how pets can be legally transported in vehicles. It helps to do a little research to see if yours is one of them and then abide by those rules. Also, if you’re trying to bring your pet into or from another country, check the quarantine and health standards so you know what costs or timeline might be involved in the process.

Are you planning a trip with a pet or two? What’ve you done to ensure they’ll enjoy the ride while staying safe and healthy along the way?

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