Where can You Find Great Deals for Variety Pet Foods Products?

Alongside the question of “Where can I find Variety Pet Foods products?” we also get a number of people wondering if there are ever any coupons or discounts they can take advantage of. After all, what’s wrong with trying to be a bit thrifty when it comes to high quality pet food and treats? Entirely understandable.


You’ll be happy to know that we are currently working up a promotional plan for the month of July! As it’s in development, we can’t provide a specific list of retailers or stores that will be offering discounts yet—but deal are coming your way. Variety Pet Foods will be running promotions on our “Original” 12.75 oz Homestyle Recipes Dog Food Cans during July with select retailers. Look for this great deal in stores near you and stock up. If we’re able to release a comprehensive list of those stores where you’ll find this promotion going on, rest assured we’ll do so!

Be sure to continue checking out your local stores to see what items are available If they don’t already carry Variety Pet Foods products—or maybe they used to but they’re out of stock now—the more they hear from you, the better chance they’ll realize how much of  demand there is and supply it!

Also, don’t forget about our Variety Pet Foods Amazon store. We’re consistently adding items and getting as broad a selection available online as possible. As always, our mission is to help you give your pets the healthy, wholesome, and delicious food and treats they deserve! By the way, if the Amazon website shows our products are “temporally out of stock”, don’t be alarmed… just order them and we will ship the items you want to them as soon as your order is processed. This is a new project and we appreciate your patience until they are fully stocked.

What’s your favorite place to go shopping for your pet’s dietary needs? Are there any particular Variety Pet Foods products they absolutely devour, always leaving you needing to grab a few extras?

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