Woof! Today is National Dog Day!

This day is for the dogs! That’s right. It’s National Dog Day, where the whole country can join together to recognize the incredibly positive impact dogs have on our lives, spotlight the plight of rescue dogs everywhere, and encourage people to care for their dogs all the more while also adopting those in need.

Founded by pet expert Colleen Paige, National Dog Day’s core mission is to help save as many canine lives as possible–those lost at over-crowded shelters, on the streets, or through poor care. In the 11 years since the holiday’s founding, it is estimated that the effort has saved over 1 million doggy lives! Now it’s your chance to join the program and keep that number rising. How can you get involved? There are practically countless ways, but here are just a few suggestions:

1. Consider adopting a dog from a local shelter.

2. Volunteer at a local animal shelter, giving a bit of your time and energy to care for the dogs there, play with them, clean their cages, or any other help they need.

3. Go through your home and make sure it’s dog-proofed to ensure the safety of the premises for your pup.

4. If you can’t volunteer, why not donate resources (food, funds, toys, etc.) to animal-positive organizations?

5. Tell your friends and family about the pitfalls of buying puppies from pet stores and the puppy mills often behind them.

6. Take your dog to the park and help them get some great exercise in!

7. Have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their pups over for the festivities!

8. Get a few new toys or treats for your dog, as a thank-you for the love and joy they bring.

9. Take your dog to the groomer, get their nails trimmed, their excess fur brushed, and a refreshing washdown.

10. Check to make sure your dog’s ID chip is properly implanted and working, in case you ever get separated. This can make all the difference between a lost pet returning home or not.

So what will you do for National Dog Day? Have any other ideas or fun plans?

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